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The Royal Children’s Hospital kids health information, support and services at RCH Melbourne

The Sydney Children’s Hospital Network for fact sheets on a range of topics

Evidence for new parents in the face of conflicting health advice

Australian Asthma Handbook for information and management of asthma

Allergy, Immunology and Anaphylaxis for information and support

Diabetes Victoria information and campaigns for all Victorians affected by, or at risk of, diabetes

Sleep with Kip books for help with common sleep problems in young children


Anglicare has a wide-range of supports for families

Better Place Australia for family counselling or help creating a parenting plan

Raising Children the Australian parenting website

ParentWorks for free, online, evidence-based parenting strategies

Are you bogged mate? helping men talk about mental health and suicide


Kids Help Line call 1800 551 1800 for help any time, any reason

Beyond Blue call 1300 22 4636 for young people 12-25 years

Cool Kids Online helping parents and children manage anxiety

The Brave Program preventing and treating childhood and teenage anxiety

Lifeline offers crisis help on 13 11 14 or Lifeline Chat

Reach Out for information on dealing with anger

Sara Beresford Terry for equine therapy with a counsellor. Sarah Green (Berry)


What is ADHD? for understanding signs, symptoms, causes and treatment

How To ADHD insights into the ADHD brain, strategies and much more

ADHD podcasts: 

- ADDitude’s ADHD Experts Podcast

CHADD Podcasts (ADHD 365 & All Things ADHD)

Parenting Your Challenging Child – Hosted by Dr. Ross Green


Speech Pathology Australia speech and language development and milestones plus strategies to help

Little Learners Love Literacy the right tools, explicit teaching, practice and support

The Hanen Program for parents of children with language delays

Auspeld evidence-based support for people with learning disabilities


Learning disabilities association of America


Resilient Youth Australia young people thrive when they are connected, respected, protected

The Resilience Project building gratitude, empathy and mindfulness

The Gawler Foundation a whole-person approach to health, healing and wellbeing

The Science of Meditation an ABC Catalyst documentary on meditation

Mindfulness @ Monash free mindfulness programs and resources from Monash University

Peaceful Kids a program for children from Prep-Yr 12 (and their parents!)

Mental health apps: - Free

Breathe - can calm you down by helping control your breathing.

Worrytime - focuses on journaling worrying and putting off the worries to a later time.

SuperBetter app helps build your resilience to difficult or challenging situations.

Mindspotoffers FREE online and telephone treatment (8x sessions over 8 weeks)

Moodkit - There's mood improvement techniques, mood trackers and sections that help you break out of negative thought patterns.

Smiling mind - A meditation app designed for specifically for young people. It can help with the treatment of stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.

Calm harm - provides tasks that help to resist or manage urges to self-harm

Beyond now- suicide safety planning app developed by Beyond Blue to help people stay safe when experiencing suicidal thoughts, feelings, distress or crisis. The safety plan can be shared via email or text message from the app directly to supports of the person’s choosing (e.g. parents, friends).


Healthy Kids current, credible information and resources about healthy eating and activity

The Butterfly Foundation provides support for eating disorders and body image issues

Eating Disorders Victoria for hope and services for people impacted by eating disorders


NDIS the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Hire Up support workers for people with a disability

Taralye Hearing Support for children who are deaf or hard of hearing, and their families

SCHOOLS- Alternative education

Alesco Illawarra Wollongong CBD Intake for Year 9-12 students. Focus on mental health and behavioural issues 4226 1622 

Craig Davis College, Cordeaux Heights, For students 9 to 12 who are at risk of dropping out of education setting,  Capacity 19 students. 4223 7555

Dunlea Centre, Engadine. For students in Year 7 to Year 10 for teenagers with behavioural and family issues. Can be residential or day program. Intensive package of work includes educational and family assistance. 8508 3900

Five Islands Secondary School, Port Kembla. For students enrolled in Year 9 to 12. Focus on alternative pathways to ROSA and vocational training. 4274 0621

Flame Tree School, North Wollongong. For students 7-10 with a behavioural focus and eventual completion of Rosa

4225 3400

Wollongong Flexible Learning Centre, Towradgi. Caters to students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are at risk of drop out from the education system. 4285 6810

Redbank School, Westmead. K-12 NSW Health and Education initiative – for children with emotional disturbances. 9633 1030

Rivendell School, Concord Provides educational programs for young people and their families with psychological difficulties 9743 1075

Bedtime FM: (on google, apple podcasts, youtube and kids listen app)
- Bottle ship adventures
- Sleep tight stories=Bedtime stories for kids
- Circle Round
- Be calm on Ahway island bedtime stories
- Honeybee

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